Island Summer

Author: Lori Hayes
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Additional Details

Lori Hayes


When a betrayed young woman moves to a charming beach town to escape love, an unlikely matchmaker gets involved.

Physical therapist Emily McMillan broke off her troubled engagement to move to a charming, albeit tight-knit, seaside community for a new start. But will the locals accept her? She’s too quiet, too reserved and wants to hole up in her apartment to write her latest novel. When she treats a spunky patient, popularly known as Gran, she finds herself agreeing to a date with Gran’s handsome grandson.

Keith Stallings, a creative businessman who owns the local passenger ferry, tempts Emily with a dreamy island full of wild horses, an enticing beach laden with colorful sunsets, and a homecooked picnic under the stars. Heck, even a wild pelican named Sam loves him. Emily had declared men off-limits, but just when she believes this is the best island summer ever, the park service threatens Keith’s livelihood.

Keith has a difficult decision to make, one that may not include Emily.

An emotionally complex beach read, this love story reaches just beyond the sand dunes where the sea turtles nest and where the tides can wash away dreams.

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