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Jesus’ birth was promised through Isaiah 700 years before it happened, and woven throughout the entire Old Testament were details of His coming. Yet, when the family arrived in Bethlehem, the town was unprepared to receive the newborn Messiah. For them, it was (un)EXPECTED.

The Nativity story is full of moments that seemed (un)EXPECTED but shouldn’t have been. This study will help you prepare for the expected––the celebration of the coming of the Messiah. As you move through this study, allow these verses to guide you as you consider how the world left the Christ-child:

(un)EXPECTED––not anticipated
(un)HONORED––not given honor
(un)SUNG––not celebrated or praised
(un)SEEN––not seen or perceived. 

31 Verses Every Believer Should Know: (un)EXPECTED helps readers consider how what the world was not ready for, God had carefully planned and brought to fruition.

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(un)EXPECTED - 31 Verses
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