A Cry for Freedom Bible Study Teaching Materials (Student Edition)

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Grace That is Still Amazing

A Study of Galatians

There is a cry for freedom that rings out from the human heart all across the world.  And yet, even as that cry rings out, there are many other voices urging us down dead-end roads that will never lead to the righteousness that God intends for those who live in freedom.

Galatians is Paul’s earliest letter, and it is obvious, he is furious because some false teachers had come into the churches and attempted to turn these churches from grace to a different gospel.

There was a dangerous movement in the early church to make Christians just a branch of the Jewish faith.  These Jewish believers insisted that anyone who wanted to be a Christian must do more than believe.  They had to follow the Jewish law.  Since almost all the early Christians were practicing Jews, this was not a real problem.  But when thousands of Gentiles started coming to Christ, it created a real crisis.  They demanded the only way a person could become a Christian was to first become a good Jew, obeying all the Old Testament laws, and then, and only then, could they say they also followed Jesus.

In Galatians, there is no middle ground.  There are no focus groups to work out a compromise.  And human efforts, accomplishments, and aspirations are deemed worthless in the quest for freedom.  The only path to freedom is found in Christ alone.  When this truth is proclaimed, freedom will flourish.

Galatians teaches us that our purpose for living is not about keeping the rules; it is all about a relationship with Jesus.  As a follower of Jesus, you have been set free by the gospel of grace…grace that is still amazing.

Created in Partnership with GC2 Press for students, 7th-12th grade. GC2 Press® is the publishing arm of Texas Baptists

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A Cry for Freedom Bible Study Teaching Materials (Student Edition)
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