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Respect or awe inspired by the dignity, wisdom, dedication, or talent of a person; an emotion variously combining dread, veneration, and wonder that is inspired by authority or by the sacred or sublime Studying Psalms can be overwhelming. There are 150 songs, letters, prayers, and poems within the book. Each reveals some element of man’s relationship with God. That sounds like an easy explanation, but the collection of Psalms is so much more. The collection includes cries of fear and anxiety, anger and disappointment, and even distress. These cries go to the very core of man’s shortcomings before God. The collection includes prayers-—petitions, really—that request God’s forgiveness and God’s deliverance from enemies. The collection also includes praises to God—of who He is and what He is about, and of His power and presence in our lives. It even includes celebrations of His involvement in the world and with us. These are passionate and honest, moving and convicting, transparent and complex. It could take years to study them all. In this study, we’ll look at only six, each of which will help us to focus on our relationship with God. Each allows both the Psalmist and the reader to stand awestruck in God’s presence.

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Awestruck E-Book
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