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Study Length, Study Subject, Additional Resources,

Additional Details

Study Length:
48 Weeks + 4 Seasonal/Holiday Lessons
Study Subject:
The New Testament Church - The Essence of Fellowship
Additional Resources:
Student Devotional, 31 Verses and DVD



Using the Book of Acts as its backbone, Community covers many moments in the life of the New Testament Church, its miraculous inception at Pentecost, and its spread throughout the world. Not only will students learn the history of the New Testament church, they will also learn their roles as members of the modern day Church.

It’s made up of 48 lessons designed to keep your students engaged with the truth of God’s Word through specifically designed activities for younger students, older students, and those who participate in classes with a Master Teacher. Also included each week are lesson commentaries, review questions, Family Devotion handouts, student worksheets, and session handouts.

Lesson Topics

  • The Holy Spirit’s coming at Pentecost
  • The true sense of community among the early Christians
  • Jew/Gentile controversies
  • Paul’s conversion, missionary journeys, imprisonment in Rome, and epistles
  • Peter’s leadership and letters
  • John’s revelation on the island of Patmos

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