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Is it your goal to gain fresh revelation and insight from God’s Word this year? Or perhaps you have been praying ...

  • for your family to be ignited with a passion to carry out the Great Commission
  • to witness your loved ones dive into God’s Word, know God more intimately, & have a clearer understanding of Scripture
  • to move out of a spiritual dry spell & regain the joy of living for Christ

If so, we’re excited to share with you a new approach to Bible study that can help you understand Scripture & draw closer to God like never before! 

By using The Readable Bible as a companion with our D-Life Journal, your faith will be enriched as you gain a more powerful insight into God’s Word.

The Readable Bible is designed to be an accessible, non-intimidating way to engage with Scripture. Easy-to-read format and modern language makes this the perfect Bible for your loved ones who may be hesitant to pick up an older translation. Even those who have studied God’s Word for decades will gain deeper insight from this new modern-day translation.

The visual formatting along with the charts, maps, & graphics reinforce reading comprehension and aid in the retention of information.

No longer will you find yourself skimming lengthy & difficult-to-understand Scriptures. Instead, this unique format will create a desire to absorb and comprehend every sentence.

Encourage a fresh vigor for God’s Word in your family, church groups, or even your personal study by using The Readable Bible with the reading plan in our D-Life Journal!

The D-Life Journal can be used as a companion to supplement your own devotional time, or it can be used as a tool for discipleship. This reading plan is available for both the New Testament and the Old Testament ... but this isn’t an ordinary Bible reading plan.

The D-Life has been structured in a way that allows you to reflect on each week’s reading assignment by recording a brief journal entry from each chapter. The thought-provoking study guides included are excellent tools to use with discipleship groups.

This reading plan is the perfect way to begin a daily routine of prayer, reflection, and Scripture study.

Plus, each week you will find a new Bible story or topic featured within the week’s text to discuss with your group or family–all for the purpose of encouraging discipleship.

By pairing The Readable Bible with our D-Life reading plan and journal, you can be prepared to witness ...

  • Spiritual strongholds break
  • Lives in your home & church transform
  • Ministers at your church reenergized to spread the gospel
  • Members of your ministry commit to carrying out the Great Commission Personal dry spells hydrated with the Living Water as your passion to read & live out God’s Word is restored

We hope you don’t miss this opportunity to reignite your fire for Christ & His Word–for yourself, for your family, and for your ministries.

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