Everyday Faith

Author: Katie Orr
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Additional Details

Katie Orr


What does real faith look like in the everyday moments of life?

Everyday Faith, a quick and easy-to-use four-week study, will help you discover how to draw near to God’s presence. As you explore Hebrews 11, you will discover that as you draw near to Him, His presence will give your faith new life and meaning.

Designed for those who are pressed for time but crave more depth from their devotional and study time, Everyday Faith offers a unique format that takes as little as 15 minutes a day. While the time may be short, the structure of this study provides a relevant and lasting approach to study Scripture as you work through the FOCUS process each week:

F—Foundation: Enjoy Every Word
O—Observation: Look at the Details
C—Clarification: Uncover the Original Meaning
U—Utilization: Discover the Connections
S—Summation: Respond to God’s Word

Focus on quality, not quantity—no fear or intimidation. Make each minute of your valuable time count, and find a renewed enjoyment and connection with God’s Word.

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