Hardly Any Shooting Stars Left

Author: B. K. Froman
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Additional Details

B. K. Froman


2023 Oklahoma Book Awards Finalist

A captivating tale of humor and mystery by an award-winning author.

After her father’s death, a creative, free-spirited young woman plans to leave her Oregon ranch and hometown of busybodies. But she didn’t count on a corpse in her shop—or murder. Forced to create friendships with strange, crabby, or too-helpful neighbors, she must face a murder charge and confront aching childhood memories in a town and a life stuck in the past.

Lexi DePriest has always been a loner with a sharp wit and lack of concern about fitting in. If she could quickly sell the family ranch—her father’s life’s work—she’d get out of the Oregon valley, but life has never been easy.

When her crackpot neighbor shoots the drone she uses to check fences and cattle, a battle begins. Nosy eyes in the tiny community are watching, some malevolent—and dangerously nearby.

With no explanation,a man is found murdered in her shop, and the trust she’s built in herself and with a few townsfolk unravels. It takes a crabby school secretary and a Scottish welder to secretly examine murder suspects. The investigation gives her a rare choice to fit in to the home where she’s always lived—but will she choose community, family, or herself?


Hardly Any Shooting Stars Left is a cozy western mystery, but it is also so much more. This story, while filled with suspense and intrigue, also offers humor, tension, a fast-moving story line, and the emotional struggle we have with forgiveness. Truth and grace abound in this new novel from award-winning B. K. Froman.

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Hardly Any Shooting Stars Left
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