Honeyword Bible-NLT: Making God's Word Stick

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"The HoneyWord Bible" is all about helping kids learn Scripture in a fun and visual way that makes God's Word stick. This full-text NLT Bible is filled with 250 devotionals, each with a fun-to-say HoneyWord lesson that summarizes the point of a key Bible verse. Each lesson has a highlighted word called a “Click-er” that is pictured in a witty illustration to help kids remember the lesson. Each illustration also features an animal character and number symbols that represent the book and chapters. Perfect for helping visual learners recall the key messages of Scripture in a fun and easy way.

Want to make God's Word really, really stick? The HoneyWord Bible makes it easy-and fun!

When God made the promise to never again flood the earth, he reinforced his promise with something we would recognize-a rainbow. Any time we see a rainbow, we remember God's promise.

For 20 years, Dr. Emmett Cooper has field-tested this same method in top schools, camps, churches, and homeschooling groups. Kids in all 50 states and 12 foreign countries have given a sticky thumbs-up to the HoneyWord Way! Now your kids have the chance to experience it for themselves!

The "HoneyWord Bible" matches 250 important lessons with 250 concrete items. These are called Click-ers, and they're from kids' daily lives. When children see a flashlight, a penny, or a speed-limit sign, it reminds them of God's teaching. No more "in one ear and out the other" or confused looks at difficult passages. The kid-tested "HoneyWord Bible" really, really works . . . because it makes God's Word really, really stick!

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Honeyword Bible-NLT: Making God's Word Stick
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