How Great Is Our God Bible Study Teaching Materials (Student Edition)

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Passing the Faith Along 

A Study of Big Events in the Old Testament

There is a certain amount of confusion in the minds of Christians about the New Testament believer’s relationship with the Old Testament. If we really want to appreciate the Old Testament, we must first read and understand the New Testament. It is then that we will see how “the New Testament is in the Old Testament concealed and the Old Testament is by the New Testament revealed” (quote attributed to Saint Augustine). Simply put, if we want to truly understand the Old Testament then we must realize that it is revealed only by the New Testament. The New Testament is the key that unlocks the Old Testament.

Once we understand the New Testament, we will begin to understand and appreciate every word in these great Old Testament stories…and then, and only then, will we understand that these stories paint a beautiful picture of Jesus.

This study will highlight some of the big events found in the Old Testament. Hopefully, through this 13-lesson study, we will once again be reminded of How Great Is Our God.

Created in Partnership with GC2 Press for students, 7th-12th grade. GC2 Press® is the publishing arm of Texas Baptists

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How Great Is Our God Bible Study Teaching Materials (Student Edition)
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