Multiplying Disciples Teaching Guide + Videos (Downloadable)

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Multiplying Disciples



Multiplying Disciples is about seeing how God’s Word and Jesus’ mission can be shared with the world TODAY through a new lens! Author Sammy Tippit chronicles how using the innovative tools available now, such as the internet and social media, has allowed God’s Word to be shared with millions of people world-wide. Multiplying Disciples is packed with stories and experiences of digitally taking evangelism to the unreached. It’s also based on keys that can be used to make it happen in every church.

This teaching guide has been developed to help learners discuss what evangelism has been in the past and what it can be now and in the future. Each session’s teaching material provides an outline for the essential keys in each chapter and discussion questions to help learners consider the process of disciple-making worldwide. And, each session ends with a concluding challenge for learners to consider. Also, for each session, a learner handout is provided. This handout can be used as a listening guide, discussion guide, or for small group discussions.

Note that reading Multiplying Disciples is assumed in these sessions, but learners who have not read the book wlll be able to participate as well.

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Multiplying Disciples Teaching Guide + Videos (Downloadable)
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