Songs for a Sunday: A Novel

Author: Heather Norman Smith
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Expected release date is 6th Feb 2023


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Heather Norman Smith


Two sets of sisters, generations apart—can one big sister’s sacrifice teach the other about love and forgiveness?

1963: Twenty-year-old Annie dreams of managing the dance studio where she has trained since childhood and of marrying her high-society boyfriend. But when her younger sister with special needs gets pregnant, Annie is forced to set her dreams aside for the sake of family. 

Present Day: Missy Robbins has always lived in her younger sister’s shadow. When given the opportunity, Missy steps out of her comfort zone as stay-at-home mom of four to prove she’s as good a singer as Erica. Missy’s new pursuit puts her on a path to self-discovery and reclaiming her discarded faith. Until she discovers her grandmother has a sixty-year-old secret.

Will Missy conceal Grandma Annie’s deception or will she be forced to reveal the hidden truth.


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Songs for a Sunday: A Novel
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