Spiraling Upward

Author: Jason Hollen
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Additional Details

Jason Hollen


The world asks “Why do bad things happen to good people.”

Jason Hollen is asking “Why do good people do so many bad things to themselves?”

The answer may lie somewhere in between.

His unstable childhood and an anger-fueled bipolar disorder led to a deep dive into drugs, alcohol, and violence. As a teen, his downward spiral led to numerous stays in juvenile detention and treatment centers. Jason faced one health challenge after another and knows now that some were the result of medicating his way toward a quick fix.

Until a glimpse of redemption entered his life when future wife Kristyn began to influence and redirect him toward another path and a slow climb out of his addictions. His new business provided a generous six-figure income that fueled a cocaine habit.  A battle raged between his addictions and the family he held dear. Only one could win.

Everything changed on one fateful day when he asked himself, “What else could go wrong?” That “what” became the ultimate turning point in his life and reignited his faith in God.

Jason Hollen’s message of hope and healing after multiple trials will inspire you to persevere through your trials and live life to the fullest.Coming Soon

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ISBN: 978-1-73310-236-0
Format: Hardback
Language: English
Size:  6x9 Inches
Page Count: 192

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Spiraling Upward
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