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Additional Details

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6 Lessons
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How to be a Successful Follower of Jesus Christ



When you hear the word disciple, what comes to mind?

Maybe you think of the twelve disciples who tramped along behind Jesus through the Judean wilderness and the dusty streets of Jerusalem. Maybe you visualize their faces in a stained glass church window or in some old painting with little halos over their heads.

But here’s the question: When you hear the word disciple, do you think of yourself? Do you consider yourself a disciple of Jesus Christ? Do you know what it means to be one?

What does it mean to follow Christ as His disciple? Help everyone in your church understand, apply, and re-teach vital principles of the Christian life with this six-week study based on Greg Laurie’s book. No matter the age, spiritual maturity, or learning style of a group, LifeBibleStudy provides leaders convenient access to everything they need online and is designed for easy group facilitation so no leadership experience is necessary.

Start! To Follow: The Bible Study includes:

  • Six biblical lessons complementing the chapters of Start! To Follow
  • Practical insights to help believers (old and new, alike) understand, apply and re-teach foundational principles for life as a disciple
  • In-depth commentary, relevant discussion questions, and other helpful tools for leaders
  • Differentiated teaching plans to meet various group sizes and needs, including:
    • Being Disciples – perfect for new believers or any Christian wanting to focus on the basics of the Christian life for themselves.
    • Making Disciples – perfect for mature believers or any Christian ready to share the basics of the Christian life with others.
    • Students – perfect for teenagers who need to know what the Christian life is all about.
    • Small Groups – perfect for more discussion-oriented, relational small groups interested in unpacking biblical truths in the context of their own community.

The 6-week study will follow this simple progression of a disciple’s personal relationship with God and with People.


1. The Commitment – Discipleship is described as our commitment to Jesus and the Christian Life (ch 1)

2. The Life – As disciples, our lives of surrender are empowered by God’s commitment to us, through His Spirit (ch 2-3)


3. The Bible – Discipleship naturally means knowing and treasuring God’s Word (ch 4)

4. Prayer – Discipleship involves a conversation with God, prayerfully conforming our desires to His (ch 5)


5. The Church – As disciples, we are a family that mutually benefits from building each other up (ch 6)

6. The World – As disciples, we get to share everything we’ve experienced by inviting others into relationship (ch 7-8)

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