The Values of Jesus

Author: David Crosby
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David Crosby


Do you ever wonder why you have different values from other people? Is it just because we are all different? Or is it because in our differences we have lost sight of the common values with which God wants to unite us?

In a world of increasing moral relativism—where each person is empowered to decide for themselves what is right or wrong—The Values of Jesus reminds us God has set the standard. Jesus, the ultimate authority and model of the Father’s heart, showed in His time on earth what God valued, and His teachings give us insight into the values that should shape our lives. He didn’t leave us to flounder. He left us empowered.

Pastor and storyteller David Crosby takes a look at the values reflected in Jesus’ teachings and shows us how to live those out in our own lives in key areas such as:
- Love
- Family
- Money
- Relationships
- Religious Traditions
- And More

As you live out the values of Jesus, those around you will be greatly impacted. Who will you begin to influence? Will you be the one who begins to unite others around the central values of Jesus?

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ISBN: 9781563092770
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