The Walking Wounded

Author: Peter Hoewisch
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Additional Details

Peter Hoewisch


Wounds color how we interpret and respond to the world. Internalized notions of worthlessness—launched in my youth by athletic ineptness, awkward stature, and negative self-thoughts—drove me into lonely, self-destructive isolation: Oh, it’s only out of pity they want me to join them in playing soccer. Every friend’s honest gesture of genuine love merely accentuated my deficiencies, reinforcing the perception I was unlovable, invaluable, and unworthy. Like an unseen undercurrent, I didn’t recognize the danger of feeding those falsehoods. But they were subtly sweeping me away to a death of separation preventing me from ever serving my purpose.

And that’s precisely the Adversary’s strategy: boldly lying to my face, saying I’m unloved. I became blinded to the truth friends wanted me in their lives. Left unchanged by shared brotherly love, I would forever be incapable of helping others find unconditional and unmatched love.

The Enemy would’ve succeeded…had it not been for the redeeming love of my Rescuer! My world was revolutionized when I learned I am intimately known by my Creator! There my identity and purpose found unshakeable root, an incessant supply of love, value, and worth. No longer am I critically dependent upon anyone or anything else to provide those desperate needs—not when I already possess them in droves! Abba’s eternal love declared over me has inspired a longing to share that redemption.

Our Creator’s love toward His creation is astoundingly forthright and unpretentious. I merely acknowledged Christ’s handheld the healing balm for my wounds—a flowing, unsurpassed love for me! Through surrender I uncovered the rubber of faith that effectively meets the road of this life—a strength to rise in my wounds. He can empower us to walk wounded, marching forward into victory!Coming Soon

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ISBN: 9781735774862
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The Walking Wounded
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