Timeless Leaders Guide and Video Teachings

Author: Carol Mcleod
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Additional Details

Carol Mcleod



God Speaks to Us Through Peter

Is it possible for a book written nearly 2,000 years ago to maintain its intrinsic and vital impact? Is there a demarcation point when literature is deemed old-fashioned or even archaic?

The book of 1 Peter was written nearly two millennia ago—rarely does a book of that age speak to a current generation of readers. However, the book of 1 Peter is practical, hopeful, and as up-to-date as anything written today.

“Through the living and enduring Word of God” (1 Peter 1:23)

The stunning component that sets the Word of God apart from other pieces of literature is that the Holy Spirit wrote it. The Bible is divinely inspired by the unction of the Holy Spirit and written on paper through the hands of ordinary men.

The words that the Holy Spirit spoke through Peter, the rock upon which Christ would build His church, so long ago hold dynamic power for your life today.

It is recommended that each attendee have a copy of Timeless, the book.

    • The videos include teachings from Carol McLeod corresponding to each chapter of the Timeless book.
    • The group discussion guides are designed for small groups to complement Carol's video teachings with questions, leader prompts, and more. 
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Timeless Leaders Guide and Video Teachings
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