TTR Project 52 - Spanish Edition

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Great resource to move new believers into discipleship. 
The perfect follow up resource to your evangelism efforts, Project 52 will help your church team disciple new believers in a fun and engaging way. Most people know discipleship is important, but aren't sure how to do it and therefore they don't volunteer to mentor others in the faith.. Using a story-based format, Project 52 alleviates the intimidation of discipleship and helps train your leaders to engage in meaningful discussion with new converts. So, how does it work? Simple. 
Project 52 kicks off with a seven-topic discussion covering the basic concepts of the faith. These introductory discussions help ensure the new convert understands basic concepts of the faith, allows the discipleship leader to discern if they are the right fit for the person, and sets the tone for future conversation.  A few of these introductory topics include what it means to:  
- Be New in Christ
- Grow in Christ
- Be Baptized
- Read the Word of God
- Be connected in Community
Next, Project 52 moves the discipleship volunteer and new convert into deeper spiritual conversations.  Using familiar Biblical stories, Project 52 contains all the supplemental guidance necessary to use key Biblical stories as a springboard for conversation and discussion in a discipleship setting. Each Biblical passage contains its own devotional, discussion  questions, and contemporary application in the form of graphic representation making discipleship relational and engaging. 
Project 52 can be used in multiple discipleship settings:  one-on-one, small group, or family. While containing 52 stories, plus the 7 introductory discussions, church discipleship teams can manipulate the materials to best fit their discipleship structure. Ideally, when used in an individual setting, the resource would be used weekly to help the discipleship leader connect and build relationship longevity with the new convert. 

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TTR Project 52 - Spanish Edition
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