Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish

Author: Sherrie Eldridge
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Additional Details

Sherrie Eldridge


Twenty Things Adoptive Kids Wish devotional gives adoptive families encouragement as they seek God to work through the emotions unique to their family. Daily 365 inspiring devotions are filled with scripture and authentic insight into the heart of adopted children. Powerful prayer prompts help you navigate through difficult topics such as rejection, the missing faces in their lives, and much. More importantly, as you pray together through these tough topics, God will knit your hearts together to be a family and you will become the greatest prayer warrior for your adopted child.

Adoption is a sacred undertaking – yet not without challenges. Love is messy! And beautiful. Sherrie Eldridge’s devotional will provide companionship and perspective for the journey. Don’t do adoption alone! Pick up this guide and learn to see how God walks along with you.
– Elisa Morgan, founder of MOPS, author of The Beauty of Broken and Publisher at FullFill Online Magazine

Adoptive parents are sure to have moments in which they just don’t know what is going on for their child and how to help. Sherrie brings wisdom and peace to these moments with her insight into the adoptee experience, her deep and abiding faith, and Bible-sourced comfort. A heartful addition to your adoption book collection.
 Lori Holden, author of The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption

All moms are busy and adoptive moms face even more time consuming challenges as they raise their children. We need inspiration to keep us moving forward and Sherrie’s devotional is the perfect tool to encourage parents in their journey.  Sometimes a few short lines can help us regain perspective and get us through the day.  Sherrie knows the special needs of adoptive parents so there are no trite answers or simple solutions.  Rather, gentle words that remind us of the most important things.
– Kay Yerkovich, co-author of How We LoveHow We Love Our Kids

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Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish
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