When the Ocean Roars

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Charlsie Estess


He needs to surrender. She needs to fight. Are they ready for their next battle?

Weeks before the Ultimate Fighting World Championship, Keane “The Golden Lion” Temple lands in Japan for the battle of his professional life. The adored prizefighter is primed to take the win. And nothing has ever distracted him from victory in the ring.

But when his path collides with an intriguing woman, he gives in to impulse and asks her to spend his day off from training with him. Surely, he can keep his heart safe for one day.

Ami Ono cannot pass on the invitation but also hides her full identity. As their extraordinary day bleeds into night, both realize one day won’t be enough. Then the excursion ends in disaster when Keane discovers who Ami is. They part ways, but compelling circumstances and an undeniable attraction draw them back together, driving their attraction—and her high-society family drama—to something more intense than Keane has ever faced. As the forbidden romance threatens to take down his principles in the knockout of his life, he struggles to honor his beliefs. Will The Golden Lion surrender his heart? Will Ami defy the domineering men in her life and accept it? Do they stand a chance against nature?


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When the Ocean Roars
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