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We’ve all had moments that define our lives. Things happen that change some aspect of our lives forever. Defining moments can impact the world for better or for worse, and they’re happening all around us. All the time. But then there are divine moments. We encounter God, and everything changes.

The Old Testament is a record of people who unmistakably encountered God. Most of the time, the experience was accompanied with great fear, awe and worship. These encounters changed lives, shaped history, and brought about redemption for the entire human race. And it all began by God revealing Himself to one person at a time. God still talks to us today. Really. Now, He might not communicate with a big, booming voice, but He’s there, communicating, guiding… loving.

This 48-week series, YAHWEH: Divine Encounters in the Old Testament, sets the mood and tone for God’s one-on-one, relational style with all the heroes of the Old Testament and it provides new insight about God’s self-revelation in all our lives every day. Life Bible Study has been created to make going through the Bible more than just a group initiative. These are real, applicable life lessons and explorations into God’s Word that will make discovering all of God’s promises a reality. This series brings together the reality of God’s desire to talk with us, and our innate hunger to encounter Him.

Divine Encounters in the Old Testament will give you the opportunity to encounter God as you see how God divinely revealed Himself throughout His Word. You will discover the struggles of key characters within the creation story, examine the examples of patriarchs, wrestle with the leadership of judges, study the lives of kings and prophets and delve into the impact of other selected men and women who followed God whole-heartedly.

Teaching materials include specifically designed activities for college students, younger and older singles, newly marrieds, young marrieds, parents of children, parents of teenagers, empty nesters, senior adults, and those who participate in classes with a Master Teacher. Also included each week are lesson commentaries, Family Devotion handouts, learner worksheets, and session handouts.

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  • Purchase your selected Bible Study Teaching Materials (price is based upon the average group attendance).  Don’t forget the Learner/Student Books associated with your selection.
  • As a new customer:  Wait to receive email with Login Instructions for the Bible Study Manager Site.  Bible Study Teaching Materials purchased are added to your account there upon creation.  To access the scheduled lessons, simply log on and create a new calendar.  Add Teachers to your account and assign them to the calendar of scheduled lessons for the class/age group that they are teaching.
  • As an existing customer:  Wait to an email from Life Bible Study informing you that the study you purchased has been added to your account on the Bible Study Manager Site.  To access the scheduled lessons simply log on and create a new calendar. 

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