Culture Battles: Victim or Victor, Your Choice

Author: Paul H. Weaver
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Paul H. Weaver


Change the choices. Change the culture. Change the outcome.

Have you ever wondered why some families, businesses, and organizations function in a harmonious way and the people generally like each other and enjoy living and working together? Or has your experience been the opposite, working in an environment of discord and distrust or growing up in a home filled with conflict and anger?

Most people have resigned themselves to accept the cultures around them and fail to recognize where they are contributing to conflict or blurring the battle lines. As a leader, you greatly contribute to the culture in your workplace and your home. The key to changing the culture is in your hands: you choose how to change the game. What character principles will you choose to guide your life? How will you allow those principles to drive your core values? How will you allow those core values to set up a culture you can enjoy?

Let Culture Battles serve as a compass and a guide for helping you create the culture outcome you desire.


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Culture Battles: Victim or Victor, Your Choice
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