Jesus' Last Teachings—A Lenten Study

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As Jesus led His disciples during His last week in Jerusalem, He taught them along the journey. He taught through delivering prophecy, through allowing people to see His emotions on display, through His actions, through His responses to conflict and criticism, and through the way He completed His mission on earth. His audiences varied, and included His disciples and His followers, the crowds in Jerusalem, the religious leaders, the merchants in the Temple court, the political powers in Judah, and even the Roman soldiers. Everyone who encountered Jesus during this week had an opportunity to see or hear Him teach.

Studying Jesus’ teachings during this final week is like taking a master’s course in teaching. Jesus did it all . . . using methodology, understanding the audience, passionately conveying the content, and living out what He taught. Jesus taught from His authority as the Son of God and out of His deep love and compassion for mankind. Jesus passionately wanted to bring all people back to God, and He agonized when some of His audience rejected His message. Even when facing the humiliation and pain of the cross, Jesus did not change His message. 

Jesus provides us with the opportunity to see the supreme Teacher in action. Not only can we be changed during the process, but we might even become passionate about how we, too, teach with our words, actions, and lives.

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Jesus' Last Teachings—A Lenten Study
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