Prayer, Praise And Pandemic

Author: David Crosby
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Additional Details

David Crosby


A 60-Day Devotional for Responding in Times of Crisis

When a crisis hits, sometimes the last thing we consider is how prayer and praise can help someone discover a new way of seeing and responding to challenges. We are so rocked by the events or had our faith shaken to the core, that it takes time to re-center our way of living and thinking back on Jesus.

We are living through a strange and unfamiliar season in our communities, our country, and our world. We see the blush of light upon the horizon but are uncertain if the light is waxing or waning, whether the sun is rising or setting. We are anxious about our health and wellbeing, the future, our loved ones, our personal finances, our businesses. We lament past decisions. We celebrate others. Yet, in the midst of uncertainty, there is an opportunity to hold fast to peace no matter what comes as the world keeps turning.

Prayer, Praise & Pandemic, a sixty-day devotional, will serve as a reminder for you to live in the present but turn toward a future that belongs to God. Filled with stories, Scripture readings, and prayer prompts, Prayer, Praise & Pandemic will help increase your faith and prayer life and show you how prayer and praise can make a difference.

Each day has it troubles. God holds each day. So hold onto God.

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Prayer, Praise And Pandemic
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