Pursuing PRAYER

Author: Penny Cooke
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Additional Details

Penny Cooke


You know prayer is important but you don't have time. Or do you?

“I know prayer is important, but I just don’t have time!” Have you ever uttered or thought those words? Or maybe felt guilty because you started praying but fell asleep or rushed through your prayer time?

Pursuing PRAYER offers practical tips, but more importantly it offers the motivation and direction you need to incorporate key elements of prayer into your busy life. Written by a certified biblical life coach, author Penny Cooke uses the familiar Lord’s Prayer passage to coach you in six key areas as you follow the simple acrostic:
  • Proactively Pursue Prayer
  • Remember His Righteous Deeds
  • Acknowledge Sin and Forgive Others
  • Yield to His Will
  • Enjoy His Daily Bread
  • Rest in Him
Keeping your busy schedule in mind, each week has four short lessons with practical tips on how to incorporate that aspect of prayer into your prayer time. Each day’s lesson is intended to spark self-discovery, motivate you to prayer, and open the door for a closeness with God that you are drawn back to Him more and more. This is not a how-to book or a collection of prayers to recite, Pursuing PRAYER is your invitation to chase God as you understand more deeply the need for daily prayer in your life. It is also your motivation to pray consistently so that the prayers of a righteous person can avail much.

In addition, consider complementing the Pursuing PRAYER book with the Pursuing PRAYER Bible study plan. Learn more HERE. 

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